DegreeWorks Accessibility

For screen reader users

  • Degree Works pages use HTML frames as containers for various areas of content on the page. Note: JAWS users can move to the next and previous frame using M and Shift M. To list frames, use [Insert][F9]. VoiceOver does not list frames in the rotor but does announce the frame labels as they are encountered.
    • The frames are labeled as follows when using Firefox and Safari browsers:
Frame names in Firefox using JAWS Frame names in Safari using VoiceOver Functionality
Header: Header Menu containing MySlice, FAQ, Help, Printing
Control Control Student information including SUID, Name, Degree, Major, Career, Academic Level and Last Audit date. The only data that can be modified is Degree.
Student Context Information Student Context Information Worksheets tab
Ellucian Degree Works – Syracuse University DegreeWorks Test Tabs frBodyContainer: frLeft Worksheets submenu containing:



What If

What If History

Look Ahead

DegreeWorks Controls frBodyContainer: DegreeWorks Controls Form controls and buttons for filtering information that will be displayed in Main Content Area
Main Content Area frBodyContainer: Main Content Area Area listing profile information and program requirements both met and not-met
Ellucian DegreeWorks – Footer Blank
Copyright Information Copyright Information Copyright text
Ellucian DegreeWorks – Syracuse University DegreeWorks Test Student Selection Blank
Ellucian DegreeWorks – Backgound Blank
  • When using JAWS, the links associated with course abbreviations in the Main Content Area frame open a Course Information message box with a description of the selected course. There is no way to close the message box using the keyboard.
  • Warning: If you are using the zoom feature in the browser to enlarge the text in the application, the student information in the top right corner of the page (Last Audit date, Academic Level, Career) may move out of the visible area of page and a horizontal scroll bar is not available to enable this content to be viewed.
  • The Save as PDF button does not produce an accessible PDF document.

For keyboard-only navigation

  • DegreeWorks is currently not operable by users who rely on the keyboard only for navigation and also do not use a screen reader. When using the keyboard only for navigation, the user cannot move keyboard focus into the main section of the page.  The keyboard focus gets trapped in the Control frame (Student Identification area at the top of the page).  Screen reader users can use List Frames (Insert F9) or List Links (Insert F7) to move focus out of this frame. Keyboard-only users who do not use a screen reader cannot progress beyond this point.
  • It is recommended that JAWS screen reader users use Frames to navigate through DegreeWorks. Use “M” to jump to the next frame and Insert F9 to list frames. See the list of frame names above for description of functionality in each frame.
  • More information can be found at Technology Accessibility at SU.